DeKalb Gallery, a fine art gallery created by Daniel Grych in July 2000 to promote artists, to sell original fine art, and to provide a fine art venue for the community.  Since its inception the gallery showcased work by local artists on a consignment basis, featured group and solo exhibitions, provided specialty picture framing to protect precious items from time and sun fade, photographed fine art in both 35mm transparency and digital formats, and provided individual internet galleries for artists.

The climate of an art venue in downtown DeKalb changed as the country experienced massive recessions, and the gallery closed its doors on September 6, 2008.  The internet fine art gallery, dekalbgallery.com, remained to further promote artists who had affiliations with DeKalb and Northern Illinois University.

After a brief sojourn to Arizona pursuing spiritual, health and personal art endeavors, a division of DeKalb Gallery, THE ART BOX, opened in June 2011 primarily to provide specialty picture framing and to continue exhibiting fine art that DeKalb Gallery had the privilege of doing so.

THE ART BOX, 308 East Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, Illinois, 60115. Summer Hours:  noon – 5 pm, closed Sundays and Wednesdays.  Contact phone no. 815-758-0313, email: dan@dekalbgallery.com.

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