Schlam, Larry

Lawrence Schlam, October 24, 1942 – March 7, 2015, was born in Brooklyn, New York, and graduated from Stuyvesant High School, City College of New York and New York University School of Law.   He came to Chicago in the late 1960’s as a VISTA volunteer lawyer helping the neediest, and earned many honors.  Schlam eventually became one of the original law professors in the new College of Law at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois.  He loved teaching, he loved music, and he loved fine art.

Larry Schlam collected watercolors from local artist Charlotte Rollman, Japanese prints, Southwest Indian jewelry, basketry and other Southwest collectibles, lapis lazuli figurines, ivory and cloisonné enamelware.  He had a vast collection of nostalgic photographs and poster art.  His interests seemed to lean toward the existential.  Serene landscapes, Japanese woodblock prints, and turquoise providing solace for the spirit and well-being for the body.  He seemed to appreciate the craftsmanship of cloisonné enameling, floral patterns and designs with welded brass on a metal plate typically fashioned in vases, jars and boxes, and the enamel is melted glass particles. 

This website does not have a “shopping cart” feature because the sale of fine art should remain professional and personable. The buyer, if within the vicinity, would have the opportunity to see the piece in person at The Art Box in downtown DeKalb, and with credit card information security.  8% sales tax will be applied and S&H if applicable.    

Contact the owner, Daniel Grych via email: or by phone:  815-758-0313.  Hours:  11 am – 6 pm daily, closed Sundays and Wednesdays, or by appointment.

The following is an exhibition of the Schlam Estate Collection of Japanese Prints available at fair market value: