Louise Behal Price

Born and raised in Ireland and educated by the Sisters of Mercy, Louise Béhal was always interested in art and had great natural talent.  She won a number of awards locally, and several of her pieces were published in The Imeldist, a widely distributed Catholic publication.  At sixteen, Béhal moved to Spain, where she enrolled in the San Jordi School of Fine Arts of The University of Barcelona.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in painting, and a Masters Degree of Art in art education.  She taught English as a second language in Bilbao, Spain, where she continued to paint until she met her husband, Tom Price.

Together they moved to Ireland where Béhal ran a student placement business, matching Spanish students to Irish homes to learn English.  After a few years, she sold the business and moved to the United States with her husband and three children;  and continued to make art while raising her children, entering and winning prizes in several local competitions, including the Sandwich Fair.  She also had the opportunity to teach first year oil painting and life drawing classes at Kishwaukee College in Malta, Illinois.  Currently Béhal dedicates herself to painting and drawing in her home studio, and doing commission work in oil and charcoal portraiture and landscape.  As time allows, Béhal attends a drawing group with professor emeritus Louis Mustari and various other local artists.

The paintings of Louise Béhal Price reflect a mystique  – a certain light and color that can only be attributed to Ireland.  In an impressionistic manner, she will capture a serene image of a countryside, centuries old castles and mills by rivers and ponds framed with greenery that can only be enriched by the currents of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.  Villages are nestled in forests that seem to be shrouded in an imaginary mist.  Her style of painting is a reflection of her years living in Spain and Ireland, like daydreams of another world.