Tritt, Steven

Steven works on several different series concurrently, creating crossover in application choices: color, shape, line, painting techniques, use of pattern, and texture. There’s no preconceived notion of a final destination.  Starting with a basic composition he draws and paints with an intuitive, gestural approach allowing what is taking place on the surface to dictate the direction of each work.  Chance and unexpected results are encouraged and play a role in the outcome of his work.

Steven mixes mediums including latex, tempera, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, graphite, ink, tobacco, sand, and sawdust.  He works on many different surfaces like watercolor paper, yupo, reclaimed wood, various artist boards, canvas, and Styrofoam.Personal subject matter serves as the structure as he paints, draws, scrapes, and rubs in a focused yet intuitive process exploring the use of these materials.  In this way, he pairs polar ideas about the world we live in such as:  relationship and alienation, humor and guilt, beauty and ugliness, and order and chaos.

Steven graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1990 with a Master of Fine Arts studying under Gordon Dorn, John Rooney and David Driesbach; as well as Robert Bornhuetter, Dorothea Bilder and Jack Olson.  In 2018 he was accepted into the Contemporary Gallery Program with The Art House in Chicago where director Rebecca George instructs artists on how to market themselves and their work, and encourages a variety of art making techniques.