Ball, Walter

Walter N. Ball, Ph.D (1930-2005) dedicated his life to the production of works of art and teaching art.  He studied a Ph.D. in Studio Art with Hoyt Sherman at The Ohio State University, taught for many years in schools of art, and devoted most of his teaching career to the students at The School of Art at Northern Illinois University.

Walter N. Ball is known for his crisp, flat, non-textural abstract paintings and drawings that subtly integrate figurative elements with multiple readings of each work where the viewer may experience edges of forms and shapes where none are explicit. The transitory nature of the relationships of forms and images within the work reflects evolution and change, just as ideas often emerge and transform as life experiences and environments change.  Dr. Ball was raised in the vast rural plains of Kansas which seems to be metaphorically echoed in the experience one has with the scale and visually dynamic ever-changing form and color in these two dimensional works.

Ball has been affiliated with galleries throughout the U.S. and has shown in many venues including The Art Institute of Chicago, The Nelson Gallery, Kansas City, MO; The Colorado Institute of the Arts, Denver, CO; The E.B. Crocker Art Gallery, Sacramento,CA, and many others.  Ball’s work is represented in public and private collections world-wide including The Alex Bernstein Collection, London, England; The Evansfille Museum of Arts and Science, Evansville, IN; The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH and Kishwaukee College, Malta, IL.