Featured Artists

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“Young Robin with Curtains”
Alfred Stark
Mediums: Woodcuts, Pencil Drawings


Bill Haendel
Mediums: Silversmithing, Sculpture, Cast Paper


Carmen E. Armstrong
Mediums: Painting


Gingie Noe
Mediums: Painting


“Star Gazer Lilies and Bird Boxes”
Joan E. Robertson
Mediums: Colored Pencil


“Old Road in the Autumn”
Letitia Roller
Mediums: Pastels


"On the Road to Galena"
Linda Thornton Peterson
Mediums:  Acrylic Paintings


“The Brazilian Bou-Bei Melon”
Robert L. Bornhuetter
Mediums:  Lithographs


Tamara Shriver
Mediums:  Watercolor